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There is so much hurt and darkness in the world. With rapid globalization, the constant change can often feel overwhelming and suffocating. It doesn’t help that there is a huge lack of discussion and resources regarding staying mentally grounded through these turbulent times. Having been through much darkness myself, I have experienced firsthand the importance of having someone that you resonate with be there for you to understand and offer genuine guidance.

I would love to be your guide through this journey called life.

Although I may not hold a degree, nor do I make any claims, having met with many therapists myself, I have learned that at the end of the day it comes down to finding someone you resonate with and finding a judgement-free zone where you can express yourself and be understood. Book smart does not translate to empathy and often times unless one has gone through darkness themselves it is difficult to fully understand the pain, making the experience impersonal and clinical.

My approach is different.

Helping others is what keeps me alive. Having survived through so many devastating periods, experiencing firsthand how the world can crumble down on you, it is my lifelong mission to help those who are going through those similar times and to approach with my heart and let my personal and genuine perspectives lead the way instead. Of course I also continue to learn, research, and grow through books and life as well to ensure that your experience is tailored to your personal story.

With me, you wont be just another number on the list.

I want to work with you to get to know who you are, what drives you, what ails you – this will be a confidential zone where we explore the many emotions and experiences we face in life and how to be better prepared for them. Of course, I also understand that not everything may be able to be resolved, but I will give my promise that I will try to the best of my abilities to help.

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