Who I Am

There is so much hurt and darkness in the world. With rapid globalization, the constant change can often feel overwhelming and suffocating. It doesn’t help that there is a huge lack of discussion and resources regarding staying mentally grounded through these turbulent times. Although I may not hold a degree, nor do I make any claims, having been through much darkness myself and experiencing firsthand how the world can crumble down on you, I wanted to create a space where folks can come and find a community in helping each other through this roller coaster of life. I also wanted to channel my emotions, thoughts, lessons, and wisdoms that I have learned throughout my life into different forms of art that resonate with me – from music to dance to spoken content, I hope you are able to find comfort in my creations. Of course, I also understand that not everything may be able to be resolved, but I hope to help even one person not feel alone for even a short amount of time.

Contact Me

Don’t hesitate to email me at any time at aquarius@aquariuscrystalwave.com for any questions, potential partnerships or collaborations, etc. and I will respond as I am able!

My Social Links

Most of my content is posted through YouTube, so I’d love to see you there. Feel to join our Discord Community as well by pressing the second link to stay connected with other supportive folks passionate about music and therapy. Cute Fan Merchandise are also available at the last link. If you would like to support me and what I do, I also have a Patreon as well and any help is greatly appreciated if you would like to press the third link! Lastly, my music is up on streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, etc. under Aquarius Crystalwave, so I would be honored if you wish to follow or save me as an artist in your playlists!

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